Bringing the Metaverse to Life

Introducing BRIJ, the platform that merges the virtual and real world to create a whole new world of values.

BRIJ is an ecosystem that brings the metaverse into our world, utilizing Artificial Intelligence to develop a seamless bridge between the two, creating a whole new mixed reality.

BRIJ Token available on PancakeSwap (tokens released in limited quantities to ensure even distribution). Please have a BEP20 compatible wallet your BRIJ tokens (ie Metamask, Trust Wallet).

BRIJ Contract Address: 0x377CF1390359726D9780520530B72F7C8f4BD11F

What is BRIJ?

‘The Metaverse’ buzzword seems to be on everyone’s lips, and the developments in it are snowballing, but for the average person, this whole world seems to be a vague concept they don’t understand, let alone know how to access. Without a clear link to the physical world we live in, the metaverse become nothing more than a far away inaccessible place, and doesn’t feel like part of our reality.

The metaverse concept is actually made up of multiple virtual worlds, digital asset ecosystems, web3 applications and more, and trying to access each one of these has separate processes and requirements, so trying to experience the various aspects of the metaverse is actually complicated and requires multiple devices, applications and so on.

This is where BRIJ comes in; bringing the metaverse into our physical world and making it an easily accessible part of our daily lives; from merging metaverse events with real world ones, developing a seamless experience between shopping in virtual worlds and physical outlets, bringing together attendees from virtual and physical meetings into the same room and much more, BRIJ is creating a platform and solution to bridge the gap between the two worlds, and leveraging the power of A.I. to rapidly grow this new pathway.

Virtual & Physical Events
Mixed Reality
Metaverse Projection
and A.I.

UTILITY EXAMPLE 1) Replicating an art gallery set up in London within the Metaverse: users from various countries can jump into the metaverse gallery, and be holo-projected into the real-world gallery, so real and virtual visitors can both see and interact with each other as if in the same place.

UTILITY EXAMPLE 2) Can’t make that concert in New York because you’re somewhere on the other side of the world? Jump into the metaverse event and be projected live into the stands, immersed between thousands of fans enjoying the performance.

UTILITY EXAMPLE 3) Projecting full educational classes and curriculums to lesser developed countries with weaker infrastructure. Instead of having to raise funds and wait to build up physical schools, and spend funds on flying in teachers, we can have the students immersed in a complete educational system, filled with science experiments, face-to-face student/teacher interaction, and more.

UTILITY EXAMPLE 4) NFT’s have exploded in popularity, but it’s hard to link them to any real-world objects. Through BRIJ’s Non-Fungible-Badges (TM), we create a physical link between NFT’s and real world objects, to link and verify ownership of real world objects via digital assets. NFB’s are applied to the physical objects and cannot be removed or altered without damage.

So wait, how does this work?

The BRIJ Operational Network is a convergence of software, hardware and service provision, to create a seamless user experience of merging the virtual and real worlds together.

  • Through hardware, a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality devices, hologram projection, interactive portals, and other elements are pooled together to create a seamless bridged interaction, allowing you to see the metaverse overlaid onto our physical world without needing multiple devices or applications.
  • Through software, we build functional interfaces and link API’s and native systems, and leverage our Artificial Intelligence partners to streamline the entire process; we’ll do all the building to merge the metaverse together and present it to you, so you don’t have to try and figure out how to access the various aspects of it.
  • And through our team’s experience and availability in multiple locations in both the real and virtual world, we provide our users with full-scale guidance and services to deploy the bridge; whether a company needs consultation on how to access or launch their services in the metaverse, an artist that wants to create NFT’s of his work and actually create a physical link to them, or a virtual world service provider that needs to push their offering into the real world, we provide all the expertise required to make that happen.

Is this just people walking around with bulky VR headsets?

Absolutely not!

In fact, if this is what the future actually looks like, we’d be pretty disappointed. If you search the keywords Virtual and Augmented Reality, you’ll see images and videos of people wearing big bulky headsets; this is not the future we want to create.

Our solutions involve interactive portals and holographic projection, with a number of wearable devices that are very light and natural to wear, all working together to merging worlds seamlessly; we’ll share more of our device designs over the coming period.

The BRIJ grand vision will have the technology take a backseat, with the AI doing most of the building so you can fully immerse yourself and be in both the virtual and real world at the same time!


December, 2021 Concept Birth
The origin of the BRIJ idea, and initial development of the plan
March, 2022 Creation of BRIJ
Putting together the core team, creation of the platform outline, roadmap, and initial designs
May, 2022 Alpha-Testing and Token
Testing the alpha version of the platform, and creation of the token as part of the BRIJ ecosystem
June, 2022 Pre-Sale and Public Token Sale
Offering a limited initial pre-sale of BRIJ tokens to the public before launching on the PCS Dex in July
September, 2022 Promotion, Airdrops, Community, Public Token Launch
Deploying and promoting BRIJ in various metaverse and real world events, offering airdrops in return for various activities, building the community
April, 2023 Service Offering
Providing consultation services to users, finalizing tech partnerships and deployment of the first phase of BRIJ to users and clients
October, 2023 Hardware Line
Releasing final layout and designs of the BRIJ hardware line, launching our NFB (non-fungible-badges) to link NFT's to real world physical assets
January, 2024 Beta Live Launch
Launching a large scale deployment of BRIJ in an international exhibition (details to be announced later)
Beyond 2024 BRIJ Operational Network Growth
Launch of the BRIJ Metaverse, allowing seamless integration with other virtual worlds, and providing simple metaverse access to the average user, with automated building and development through A.I. Ceation of the BRIJ Blockchain, ensuring backwards compatibility with BSC and Ethereum Smart Contracts
Further Development
Further developments to the BRIJ ecosystem, creation of a full access platform, leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the growth of the platform and new services, moving applications onto the BRIJ blockchain and more

BRIJ Token

The BRIJ token will power the BRIJ ecosystem, and allow fans, interested entities and companies to be part of the development of the platform.

As the ecosystem expands, the BRIJ Token will offer holders more utilities, such as participating in upcoming BRIJ projects, exclusive token holder rewards, and access to developments such as the BRIJ metaverse.

BRIJ is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network, and is available on the PCS Dex.

Token Sale
Publicly Traded/Exchange Liquidity
Future Investors
Team & Service Providers
Total Supply

50,000,000,000 BRIJ


BEP20 – Smart Chain

BRIJ Contract Address


Token Distribution

Pre-Sale: Distribution Completed

Limited quantities of tokens are live on PancakeSwap as of July 2022

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created, token supply will be released on PCS at a rate of 1.2 tokens per week

Weekly emission rate

1.2B Tokens

BRIJ Circulating Supply

50 Billion

The BRIJ Team

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